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As CEO of one of the largest Registered Investment Advisory firms in Washington, DC, Michael has a unique perspective on the forces shaping the economy — and the investing environment.

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Farr Book Restoring Our American Dream

Restoring Our American Dream

Michael Farr, CNBC commentator and renowned investment counsel, provides a blueprint for an American future that reasserts America's leadership in an increasingly complex world of global economies.

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A Million is Not Enough

As retirees live longer and return on traditional savings instruments declines, the amount of money needed for a comfortable retirement may seem unsurmountable — but it’s not! Michael Farr outlines a step-by-step program to reach your goal: Save it. Invest it. Personalize it.

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Farr Book A Million is Not Enough
Farr Books The Arrogance Cycle

Avoiding The Arrogance Cycle

As market bubbles build, confidence rises (dis)proportionately. When you think you can’t lose — think again. Michael Farr examines the potent mix of psychology and sentiment that can create challenges for markets and individual investors.

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