Farr Book A Million is Not Enough

A Million is Not Enough

Will you have over $1 million ready for your retirement? If the answer is no, and this figure sounds totally out of reach, think again. A million dollars isn’t what it used to be. The truth is that Baby Boomers, who have enjoyed more abundance and pleasures than any previous generation, need more than a million dollars for a comfortable retirement. And you can achieve this-even if you don’t already have a net worth close to a million dollars-by starting now.

In A MILLION IS NOT ENOUGH, Michael Farr shows you that it's possible to achieve substantial savings for retirement, no matter what your income bracket. Farr offers a step-by-step program built on insights gleaned from decades of experience as an investment strategist advising thousands of clients.

This strategy is ambitious, but Michael shows you how painless it can be. Whether you’re thirty-five, forty-five, or fifty-five; getting a head start, starting on time, or playing catch-up, A MILLION IS NOT ENOUGH can help you establish the financial security you really need for your retirement years.

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