Engaging. Insightful. Authoritative.

As CEO of one of the largest Registered Investment Advisory firms in Washington, DC, Michael has a unique perspective on the forces shaping the economy — and the investing environment.

Wisdom and experience

Making the economy, markets, and investing understandable one soundbite at a time.

Restoring Our American Dream

Michael Farr, one of CNBC’s most popular financial commentators, and renowned investment counsel, provides blueprint for an American future that reasserts America’s leadership in an increasingly complex world of global economies.

A Million is Not Enough

As retirees live longer, and return on traditional savings instruments declines, the amount of money for a comfortable retirement may seem insurmountable — but it’s not! Michael Farr outlines a step-by-step program to reach your goal: Save it. Invest it. Personalize it.

Avoiding The Arrogance Cycle

As market bubbles build, confidence rises (dis)proportionately. When you think you can’t lose — think again. Michael Farr examines the psychology and sentiment that leads markets — and individual investors — into trouble.

Relevant. Timely. Prudent.

Michael shares his thoughts on current economic and market happenings as well as things investors may be overlooking mixed with some personal financial planning guidance.

  • Investment Strategy

    Banks Still Waiting for Liftoff

    Apr 21, 2021

    The banks have been reporting first-quarter earnings over the past week, and the results have been lackluster. But I’ll start with the good news. Credit is tre…

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  • Investment Strategy

    Curb Your Enthusiasm? What I Didn’t Say on Halftime Report

    Apr 15, 2021

    Our great host Scott Wapner reported that a number of the big banks were issuing cautionary warnings on the stock market. Bank of America authored “Curb Your …

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  • Stock Market

    Entering Earnings Season

    Apr 14, 2021

    As we get into the heart of the earnings season, we thought we’d take a final look at earnings estimates. The chart below shows that S&P 500 estimates have…

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