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  • Early Reports of U.S. Coronavirus Cases Haven’t Affected Consumer Sentiment Yet

    “History shows us that, with very few exceptions, the market impact of an epidemic event are transient, and even the hardest hit stocks recover within one year…

    Jan 29, 2020Morning Consult
  • Coronavirus fears and the markets: Here’s why investors probably shouldn’t panic

    “There will be meaningful impacts on airlines, casinos, and services that have exposure in China,” says Michael Farr, president & CEO at investing firm Far…

    Jan 28, 2020Bankrate
  • Coronavirus Tests Market’s Faith in Global Economy

    “I don’t think markets anticipated how contagious this disease has proven to be and how quickly it’s spreading,” said Michael Farr, president and chief executi…

    Jan 28, 2020The Wall Street Journal
  • U.S. stock markets close sharply lower amid fears about spreading coronavirus

    Separate from the public health concerns, the economic impact of coronavirus “will be significant,” wrote Michael Farr, president of Farr, Miller & Washing…

    Jan 27, 2020Washington Post
  • Stocks rebound after Trump addresses nation on tensions with Iran

    The president’s statement calmed investors, and stocks took off. “Iran responded. No lives were lost. America is back to business. Next?” said Michael Farr, pr…

    Jan 8, 2020Washington Post
  • Investing pros upbeat on stocks, expect election to impact markets

    It’s safe to say that 2020 will offer a lot for investors to chew on. The hardest part for investors might be dealing with the high degree of uncertainty, expe…

    Jan 8, 2020Bankrate
  • As 2010s conclude, investors have enjoyed bull market for the ages

    “If you owned stocks, bonds, real estate, hard assets, you benefited,” said Michael Farr, president of Farr, Miller & Washington, a D.C. investment firm. “…

    Dec 31, 2019Washington Post
  • Forget the Recession Talk. The Debate Has Turned to How High This Market Can Go

    “I’m seeing a market that wants to go higher,” Michael Farr of D.C.-based Farr, Miller & Washington said. “The path of least resistance is to go up.”

    Nov 11, 2019Fortune
  • Ready to Boost Stocks: Investors’ Multitrillion Cash Hoard

    “Cash always makes me feel good, both having it and seeing it on the sidelines,” said Michael Farr, president of the money-management firm Farr, Miller & W…

    Nov 5, 2019The Wall Street Journal