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  • U.S. stocks come close, but fall short of record high

    “The average 401(k) holder is feeling pretty good right now,” Michael Farr, president of Farr, Miller & Washington, said in an interview. But he noted the …

    Aug 13, 2020Washington Post
  • U.S. stocks post second straight month of gains after bumpy session

    “On the heels of April’s 12.8 percent gains including dividends, the S&P 500 produced a total return of around 4 percent in May,” said Michael Farr, presid…

    May 29, 2020Washington Post
  • U.S. Moves to Audit Chinese Firms. Market Frets Over What Comes Next.

    “Chinese companies have failed to meet U.S. standards that were agreed upon in writing when their companies were listed,” said Michael Farr, president of money…

    May 26, 2020The Wall Street Journal
  • Survey: Majority of Americans believe it’s too soon to reopen local businesses after coronavirus

    “Nobody consumes as reliably as the American consumer. You give them a dollar, they will spend it,” says Michael Farr, president and CEO of Farr, Miller & …

    May 18, 2020Bankrate
  • With Fed’s encouragement, corporations accelerate debt binge in hopes of riding out pandemic

    “It’s going to be worse than a wet blanket. It’s going to be a significant head wind to the recovery,” said Michael Farr, founder of Farr, Miller and Washingto…

    May 13, 2020Washington Post
  • Upbeat news on a possible coronavirus treatment powers U.S. stocks, lifting Dow more than 500 points

    “The markets are rising based on near-term good news from the Federal Reserve and on the promise of treatment options and a vaccine,” said Michael Farr, presid…

    Apr 29, 2020Washington Post
  • Dow enters bear market after coronavirus declared pandemic

    “Bear markets are ugly,” said Michael Farr, president of investment firm Farr, Miller & Washington. “They’re painful and they all last too long. Sadly, it …

    Mar 12, 2020Washington Post
  • Experts see booming 2020 economy, looming concerns

    Despite the 2017 federal tax cut and large spending bill, there wasn’t a multiplier effect, Farr added. “If you spent a trillion or so dollars, you probably wa…

    Feb 12, 2020Delaware Business Times
  • Dow rebounds as coronavirus fears send Chinese markets, oil plunging

    Farr was less optimistic. On Sunday, China’s central bank said it would inject 1.2 trillion yuan, or roughly $173 billion, worth of liquidity into the markets …

    Feb 3, 2020Washington Post